Restaurant City Aztec Week honors Mexican history with sweet and spicy chicken

Aztec Week Items

Chocolate Chili ChickenWhat spells Aztec relics and history better than refreshing hot cocoa and strangely flavored poultry? Nothing, according to Playfish's update to Restaurant City titled "Aztec Week." For seven days, we have the chance to honor the birthplace of chocolate and some of the most impressive temples built in human history.

This event introduces two new recipes to master: Exotic Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Chili Chicken (pictured right). Both of which will require lots of the sweet stuff, but only mastering the Chocolate Chili Chicken will reward players with access to the Aztec Temple decoration. While the new dishes are the star of the show, there are tons of new items to deck your cafe out to look like an ancient Mayan eatery.

These items are slowly being rolled out into the game, with only a few items currently available for free gifting like Aztec Woven Basket, Aztec Dragon Statue and the Aztec Statue. However, what have to look forward to later this week are items such as the Aztec Chief, a Shaman Waiter and a Pan Pipe Band. The more interesting incoming furniture includes a Golden Inca Statue, a Golden Sundial, and the Aztec Calender. (As long as it isn't Mayan we're in the clear.) Expect more items to show up later this week, but in the meantime feel free to ogle on the Restaurant City Blog.

What do you think of the new Aztec Week events? Will you transform your establishment into an iconic Aztec eatery? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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