Manning & Favre Top NFL Homes takes America's favorite fall pasttime and gives it a real estate twist with a profile of top football players and their tough-guy digs.

With football season in full swing, it only seemed fitting to run down some of the best-weirdest, most expensive, self-promotional-homes of the gridiron gods. Dynastic golden boy and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning leads the way, but don't miss more from Brady, Ochocinco, Palmer, and a spry, young, innocent Brett Favre after the jump.

Apparently Manhattan was too highfalutin for Manning, so he purchased a 3,000-square-foot condo across the Hudson River in Hoboken, N.J. (above). The views of the NYC skyline might be majestic, but li'l Manning is more interested in the goings-on inside and has the place decked out for reviewing game footage. So decked out, in fact, thatElectronic Housemagazinestoppedby to gawk at the motorized shades, A/V extravaganza, and hidden bar-all controlled via Crestron remotes. Over-the-top? Maybe not when Manning saved so much on the less-than-impressive address, and certainly not when his peers engage in far more extravagance.

See the end of this post for more photos of Manning's cool home and the rest of the story.

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