Happy Aquarium's Black Friday Sale joins the post-Thanksgiving insanity

Black Friday Sale
Black Friday Sale

While the lot of you will be camped out at the nearest Walmart this Nov. 26, those who decide to sleep in (or will be stuck at work) are free to enjoy the inaugural first day of Christmas gift shopping in Happy Aquarium. That's right, a social game is having a Black Friday sale. CrowdStar is opening the proverbial automatic doors at 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. that day to thankfully no rabid crowds.

Though, the first 100 players to log in at 10 a.m. sharp will be rewarded with a Black CrowdStar-Fish, so you might be able to hear the faint clatter of rampant typing and mouse clicking around the office. And here's why:

  • All Critters will be 40 percent off for the first three hours

  • Feeders and Cleaners will be 15 percent off all day

  • All Potions will be 40 percent off all day

  • Wallpapers, Gravel and Tankmates will all be 15-30 percent off all day

Raring to go yet? Well, you can join the 1,500 players who have already RSVPed over on the Sale's event page. But expect stiff competition come 10 a.m., because I'll have the URL ready to go in my address bar come 9:59 with my index finger anxiously waiting to unleash hell on that Enter key. Just you wait...

Where will you be when the Black Friday Sale begins? What Critter do you have your eyes on to buy at 40 percent off? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.