Frontierville Rodeo Timed Mission: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille is slowly rolling out a new time mission -- called "It's Rodeo Time!" which you will have eight days to complete. Here are the details:

frontierville rodeo time

GOAL: It's Rodeo Time! in FrontierVille

It's Rodeo Time! The rodeo is comin' to the Frontier! You're gonna need to toughen up some oxen, gather some Chaps, and some Rodeo Hats. This is gonna be a hoot!

- Sell 15 Adult Oxen
- Collect 15 Rodeo Hats (Them Rodeo Hats will be removed to complete this mission.)
- Collect 15 pairs of Chaps (Them Chaps will be used up.)

Hint : Oxen are available in the market. Click on "ask" above to ask your friends for Chaps and Rodeo Hats. (The hats and chaps will be removed once you've fulfilled the conditions of the mission)

frontierville rodeo time rewards

The rewards for completing the missions is a rodeo barrel + 1,000 XP + 1 Dinner

frontierville ox

If you don't have this mission yet, but want to get a leg up -- go ahead and buy any extra Oxen you might need and start feeding them until they grow up into big, strong adults and are ready to sell.
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