FarmVille-creator Zynga wants a 'dog activated world'

Zynga wants to be everywhere
Zynga wants to be everywhere

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus revealed an interesting, if vague, fact about the company's mission for the future at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco yesterday. Pincus wants Zynga at your beck and call on every device and platform you're on. While the topic of the conference was titled "Points of Control," the CEO said, "The future is not about points of control (where companies control what users see). It's about user control. Users will have services that they feel will be basic, like a dial tone. It's always there. It's annoying if it's not there," VentureBeat reports.

In other words, it appears he wants Zynga to become as ubiquitous as, say, Facebook itself. And with a pool of 320 million users and up to three million logged in at any point, Pincus might be onto something. If he has his way, Zynga will serve a very specific purpose in the future.

"It's for when you don't have time to watch movies or TV or console video games," Pincus said yesterday. And how he hopes to accomplish this goal of instant-on, goal-driven gaming while increasing Zynga's 300 million plus users is by focusing on the hooks that draw players in, what Pincus calls "bold beats," according to VentureBeat. If Zynga improves upon these hooks, making them more meaningful to players, playing Zynga games could become second nature.

Also mentioned in his talk was that there are 400 employees focused on new intellectual property, which means brand new games are, in fact, on the way. Pincus also bragged about FrontierVille's 650 thousand same-sex marriages claiming, "That's amazing, that's probably more than any country in the whole world," according to TechCrunch. With sky high claims like these, Zynga officially has massive shoes to fill.

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