Facebook games discovery returns in 2011 with TeePee Games

TeePee Games
TeePee Games

We all know discovering new games to play has been nigh impossible since Facebook essentially ruined it for everyone, so former Player X CEO Tony Pearce hopes to provide the answer we've been looking for with TeePee Games. A brand new games discovery service, TeePee Games promises to provide gamers with smart recommendations for games based on what they play. According to TeePee Games co-founder and CEO Pearce, "TeePee Games has built an incredible discovery engine, a cross between Amazon's recommendation engine and Apple Genius."

In other words, this service will suggest new games for you to play based on what you're already into. Better yet, the portal pulls games from Facebook, the mobile space and your everyday Flash games. TeePee Games also integrates Facebook Connect, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace to serve as your social gaming hub. Pearce hopes his new service will solve the game-discovery problem created by the top 20 games that dominate every category.

It's been a growing trend in the industry that developers are either making a mad dash for other platforms or outright rejecting the social network as the end all, be all for social gaming. While TeePee seems to serve a slightly different purpose, it could provide gamers with an avenue of escape from Facebook. That is, if they want to.

TeePee games will launch in early 2011 with several games provided by Facebook, mobile and Flash game developers and publishers. Though, TeePee Games is about to face some serious competition if Facebook's fabled Games Portal launches before then.

[Source: Games Press]

Would you play your social games on TeePee if it meant that you could finally find new games again? Who will reign victorious if Facebook's Games Portal finally appears? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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