Facebook blocked by half of small businesses: Less farming, more work

FarmVille at work
FarmVille at work

Who wants to work, anyway? According to a study conducted by Webroot, 50 percent of small businesses want you to, that's who. The report shows that half of over one thousand employees surveyed in the U.S. and U.K. said that all social networks are blocked from their office network--that means Facebook games too.

While 39 percent reported being blocked from Facebook specifically, this specific social network is more than likely included in the 50 percent mentioned above. According to All Facebook, Internet security is a large cause of the block, citing that "one in six of those surveyed said a social networking site or Web 2.0 application was the source of a virus."

However, we can't imagine that at least part of the reason wasn't because businesses have taken a hit to productivity since Facebook blew up. Not to mention, who knows how many of those employees are playing the same games we are? Come to think of it, there are probably plenty of you at work reading this right now with FarmVille loaded in another browser tab. We know, it's OK. (You're safe here, for now.)

To keep those of you from hitting the wanted ads again, about 21 percent of small businesses allow Facebook use, but at designated hours of the day. Think of it as recess all over again, but replace the tether ball matches with virtual cook-offs.

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