Eminem: Learning from His Comeback

Eminen's comeback has lessons for all struggling to return to making a living after an extreme setback.

Eminem was hours away from death. Today he's not only whole again, but his artistic genius, popularity, and earning power are also at a new peak. So, what can you learn from his journey from despair to starting over? Here are some lessons:

  • Surrender to the reality that, yes, your unemployment situation is that bad. The time for denial is over.
  • Accept help. Eminem allowed rock star Elton John, who also had his dark nights of the soul, into his life. They now speak on the phone weekly.
  • Establish new routines, rituals, and ways to relieve stress. No one said a comeback is easy. But it's more doable if you are willing to change just about everything in how you live your life and approach working. Eminem began running miles daily as a positive addiction, guzzling diet soda, and accepting the price of fame.
  • Don't waste time feeling ashamed about the past. Position what had happened as your necessary investment in a unique learning experience. Failure often breeds unusual success. It's been said that had Bill Clinton not lost the campaign for governor, he would never have understood what he needed to do to connect with voters. The rest is history.
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