City Of Wonder: Atomic Age has arrived, blinds us with lasers and music

The Atomic Age
The Atomic Age

City of Wonder is finally catching up with the rest of the world in its most recent update, The Atomic Age. Playdom has added several new areas of Research, new Marvels and more to the game in honor of both the most frightening and exciting time in human history.

Players can now Research fields such as Nuclear Power, Lasers, Globalization, Jazz and more. As always, these fields of Research will open up new buildings to construct like the Corporate HQ, which requires the new Globalization Research and nets your city 500 coins every eight hours. There are also a slew of new Cultural buildings like the Linear Accelerator, an item seemingly inspired by the Large Hadron Collider that brings 2,205 Happiness and 276 Culture to your people. (Hint: it requires Lasers.) Other Cultural buildings include the iconic Woodstock that comes of Folk Music Research and Apollo Theater, a Jazz building. I thought Woodstock was more Rock Music, but what do I know?

As for your military, NATO has been added as an available building. Known as one of the centers for global democracy, this building will grant players 160 Attack and 120 Defense. But we know what everyone wants to find out about: the Marvels. This time around, only two Marvels, Area 51 and the White House, were added Area 51 requires the new Electronics Research to complete and grants your armies a three percent damage increase. The White House, however, calls for Democracy of the Industrial Age and provides a three percent increase to goods and markets.

It looks like it's time to get with... the times in City of Wonder. Oddly enough from the title "Atomic Age," it looks like Culture and Trade benefit more from this update than Military. Of course, you'll need to be leveled up to the Industrial Age to enjoy these new features, so keep on keepin' on, newbies.

Have you enjoyed the Atomic Age yet? What do you think benefits most from this update: trade, culture or military? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.