Chocolatier on Facebook enables choco-lovers to buy real-life sweets in game

If you've played Chocolatier on Facebook, then you're probably more than familiar with the game's uncanny ability to make you want to go out and buy actual chocolate. There's just something about stirring vats of virtual chocolate and putting it on display in your oh-so quaint shop that makes you want to nibble on bon-bons while you work.

chocolatier charles chocolates on Facebook

Chocolatier is now taking its role as a chocolate enabler much more seriously, as the game announces a partnership with the San Francisco-based Charles' Chocolates. Now you can make virtual versions of the brands more popular "creations" and buy real-life versions of the same chocolates at a 10% discount until December 31 from inside the game. So much for that pre-holiday diet.

chocolatier charles chocolates
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