Cher Shows Us How to Keep Working for 50 Years

Cher has kept working for five decades. Currently she's on the cover of Vanity Fair and has a new movie coming out soon, 'Burlesque.'

What can Cher teach you about staying in the game and being able to scramble to the top of it again and again? Plenty. Here are just a few insights:

  • Forgive. Despite a very difficult professional and personal relationship with Sonny Bono, Cher forgave him. She can do that because she acknowledges what he was able to contribute to her maturing as a person and a performance artist. A resentment eats too much energy.
  • Change, just enough. Cher kept in touch with audiences over 50 years because she understood they wanted both parts of the old Cher and what was very new. She blends both in her act. Applied to you, this could mean preserving the skills that got you where you are but adding new ones to get you to where you want to go.
  • Have strong sense of self. Cher exudes integrity, which attracts audiences of all ages, because she does not cave to the fads of the times. She dislikes popular Sarah Palin and lets everyone know that. Employers, customers, and clients feel safe with someone they think they can understand. So, yes, show who you are.
  • Give back. Cher shares her good fortune with the less fortunate such as soldiers in combat. She purchased the helmets they needed. Generosity of spirit has many forms, ranging from mentoring to taking a pay cut when the organization is in trouble. Gratitude is a winning quality in the workplace. Bosses, colleagues, and subordinates all take notice.

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