Zoo World: Transform your zoo into Thanksgiving Island

Zoo World Thanksgiving Island
Zoo World Thanksgiving Island

Zoo World has just given players something else with which to celebrate Thanksgiving, with the additional of a new Thanksgiving Island map. This map will allow you to decorate one of your additional islands with a Thanksgiving theme. This island has a rock in the shape of a turkey and an orange ground to give yoru zoo that feeling of Autumn harvest.

Players aren't too happy with Zoo World developer RockYou right now, mostly because they've been upset with a lack of support. They're a bit disappointed that this island costs Wildlife Points (15 to be exact) because it seems that almost everything in the game requires WLP now. In addition, this island is yet another hilly map and players have been wanting something flat.

Players are also receiving an error when they try to add an additional island to their zoo, so it makes using this map difficult if you don't want to change an existing island to the Thanksgiving theme.

Overall, this is a fairly lackluster addition to the game, but if you're really into Thanksgiving and want to transform a whole island of your zoo to celebrate it - now is your chance.

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