Treasure Isle Fishing: Everything You Need to Know

Treasure Isle fishing
Players can now fish for energy in Treasure Isle, and each fish represents different amounts of energy that you can earn. At a glance, this sounds awesome, since energy is something players are always short on, but here comes the bad news -- in order to fish, you need the following:

  • Be at Level 7.
  • Spend 3,500 Coins for the Strong Fishing Pole.
  • 12 Energy for each time you fish.
  • Pay between 625 Coins to 25 Island Cash for batches of fishing bait.

You need to be at Level 7 because if you're not, you can't buy the Strong Fishing Pole from the store and you won't be able to receive fish as gifts. Right now, there are 4 kinds of bait in the game (though luckily, the game starts you off with 3 of each kind, so you get a dozen free bait to begin):
Treasure Isle new raised bait prices
  • Basic Bait needed for Muddy Waters; costs 6,250 Coins for a batch of 25.
  • Good Bait needed for Stony Waters; 25,000 Coins for a batch of 25.
  • Special Bait needed for Lush Waters; 9 Island Cash for a batch of 5.
  • Magic Bait needed for Rainbow Waters; 25 Island Cash for a batch of 5.
Treasure Isle Muddy Waters
Different fish appear in different kinds of environments, and you're going to begin with Muddy Waters. These look like little puddles in the ocean around your island, and they have a time limit on them. Muddy Waters lasts for an hour and a half before it disappears and is replaced by a different puddle, such as Rainbow Waters, which lasts for a day. Note that you can also fish on your friends' islands, and you'll want to too, because they'll likely have different environments than you. This means you won't have to wait out the time limits on your own island to get a different type of water to fish in.
Treasure Isle fish in storage
Here's a list of fish we've found so far, the amounts of energy they give off, and how long you've got 'til they go bad:

The Big One - 250 Energy - Never expires!
Swordfish - 100 Energy - 2 days
Yellowfin Tuna - 60 Energy - 2 days
Catfish - 30 Energy - 2 days
Salmon - 22 Energy - 2 days
Mahi Mahi - 19 Energy - 2 days
Sea Bass - 16 Energy - 3 days
Red Snapper - 13 Energy - 3 days
Rainbow Trout - 10 Energy - 3 days
Sardine - 7 Energy - 3 days
Anchovy - 4 Energy - 3 days

Each of these fish also comes with a mastery bar. Each mastery bar lets you know how many of each fish you've caught, the rarity of the fish, and in what environments you can find the fish.
Treasure Isle Yellowfin Tuna
Treasure Isle Catfish Mastery Bar
Treasure Isle Salmon Mastery Bar
Treasure Isle Mahi Mahi mastery
Treasure Isle Sea Bass mastery
Treasure Isle Red Snapper Mastery Bar
Treasure Isle Rainbow Trout Mastery Bar
Treasure Isle Sardine Mastery Bar
Treasure Isle Anchovy Mastery Bar
You will also reel in items that aren't fish. There's Sunken Treasure, for example, which lets you choose one of three different items, but the choices are completely random.
Treasure Isle Sunken Treasure
Item collections -- such as Bottom of the Sea Junk, Marine Plants, and The Petite Fish Lady -- will also pop-up while you're fishing, and like the ones from treasure-hunting, mastering these collections will get you free stuff :
Treasure Isle Bottom of the Sea Junk
Bottom of the Sea Junk Mastery Rewards
Mastery Level 1: Bananas (10 Energy)
Mastery Level 2: Mangoes (15 Energy)
Mastery Level 3: Pineapples (25 Energy)
Mastery Level 4: Dragonfruit (45 Energy)
Treasure Isle Marine Plants
Treasure Isle The Petite Fish Lady

Based on everything here, it's easy to tell that Zynga put a lot of thought into setting this up. And even though there's no finesse involved in the fishing, since all you do is click one spot over and over again, this still remains pretty fun due to the variety and randomness of the item drops.

But it's obvious that fishing costs a lot of energy -- more energy than it takes to go treasure-hunting. And lastly, most the fish can expire if you leave them in storage for too long, in the same way that the fruits do. What would be nice is if there was an option to put the fish in cold storage.
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