Tahiti Vacation Packages

tahiti vacation packages

Tahiti and the surrounding French Polynesian islands are some of the most sought after locales for vacationers. The pristine beaches and exotic nature bring honeymooners and adventures alike to Tahiti. Vacation packages often make the best investment for those wishing to experience the beauty of these islands.

But what's important to know when considering going with an all-inclusive Tahiti vacation package?

Tahiti Vacation Packages: They can save you money.

If you want to go to Tahiti, you probably have discovered that flights to Tahiti can often be expensive, especially during the peak times of July, August, and December. Flying one person round trip to Tahiti from Los Angeles can easily cost over $1,200, and often rates will climb towards $2,000. When you consider that at the time of this writing, an all-inclusive seven-night vacation package to Bora Bora could be had for as little as $1,525, it's easier to see the savings. That's not to say that there aren't much more expensive Tahiti vacation packages, but rather that sometimes packages will save you money.

Tahiti Vacation Packages: What are your options?

One place to start looking for Tahiti vacation packages is through the official website for Tahiti tourism, Tahiti-Tourisme.com. Travel partners have worked with the tourism board to offer a wide variety of packages. Whether you're looking for simple airfare + lodging or a more robust adventure package, you're bound to find something appealing there.

For the honeymooners, perhaps a Tahiti nature and adventure package suits you. Get treated like royalty while you snorkel, sail, and spa. Honeymoon deals often expire quickly, however, so turn to your favorite search engine often to find excellent Tahiti vacation packages that are perfect for your honeymoon.

Did you know that there are specialty tour operators in and around Tahiti? Take for example ElderTreks, a group that specializes in taking small groups of travelers over the age of 50 on guided adventures. They offer up a sailing adventure around the French Polynesian islands that includes snorkeling, hiking, and horseback riding.

Also worthy of noting is that Air Tahiti Nui, the major air carrier to and from Tahiti, offers up suggestions for Tahiti travel packages. Check out the specials on their website. The packages listed there are quite competitive with other agencies, and most are around seven- to eight-night stays.

Keep in mind that the majority of Tahiti travel packages will have you leaving from Los Angeles, so be prepared to budget in extra money for a flight to L.A. Oh! And don't forget to read our helpful Tahiti vacation tips! They're sure to make your Tahiti vacation even better.

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