How to 'Speedread' Your Job Interviewer

"Speedreading" your job interviewer gives you the edge over the other applicants.

Speedreading the person with the power to hire you, buy your product or service, or promote you to a better position means you pick up on what's going on in the environment. That provides exactly the information you need to present yourself as the best fit for that situation.

For example, you notice the interviewer is frantically busy. That opens the door for you to pitch your track record in being able to organize projects and people for greater efficiency, done in low-cost ways (the principle of doing more with less). You notice the interviewer seems preoccupied. Your mind races for clues why, such as a plunge in sales you read about, so you can get a better shot at which of your many strengths to highlight during interview. Interviews are really sales presentations. You have to select what to focus on most.

Speedreading is a major tactic for professional sales representatives. That's because there is no one best way or proven formula how to turn browsers into buyers. Top salespeople treat every prospect differently, based on what they observe about the person and what seems to be taking place in the setting.

Learn more reading 'The Art of Speedreading People' by Barbara Barron-Tieger. You can also take a Dale Carnegie Systems seminar in marketing and sales. The Dale Carnegie approach is one of the few in training that changes not only attitude but also behavior.

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