Social City: Spin to win big in the Skyscraper 2 Raffle


For those risk takers that don't mind spending a bit of real-world currency in their Facebook games, Playdom has launched a new raffle in Social City that will have you looking towards the sky.

The Skyscraper Raffle 2 offers users a chance at winning one of 17 different, mostly extremely tall buildings for use in their towns. Each spin of the raffle costs a whopping 25 City Bucks, and you're not guaranteed to receive a different item on subsequent spins, so collectors need to be aware of the money-sinking potential that this raffle actually has.

That being said, some of the items available to win are the TransAmerica Building, the Kuala Lumpur Towers, the CN Tower, and of course, many more.

If we know Playdom as well as we think we do, this raffle won't be around forever, so if you're willing to take a risk at receiving one of these buildings, it would be best to do it quickly, while it's still around.

Will you spend 25 City Bucks to spin the Skyscraper 2 raffle, or will you save your City Bucks for a case when you can actually choose the item you end up with? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published