Ravenwood Fair hacks are malicious, says LOLapps

Ravenwood Fair hacks
Ravenwood Fair hacks

Ravenwood Fair is back in commission and is crawling back up the charts fast, gaining users with rapid speed. This means that players are already scouring the internet for Ravenwood Fair cheats and hacks, and some people have been releasing supposed hacks that LOLappsare now stating are 'malicious'.

WARNING: It's come to our attention that several 3rd party "Hacks" have been released for Ravenwood Fair. Upon testing, these apps were found to contain malicious software and didn't even work. Sorry for the scare, but we want your Ravenwood Fair experience to be as pleasant as possible.

While LOLapps could certainly be lying about this, we don't think so. If there were legitimate working hacks out there for Ravenwood Fair, it would be in LOLapps' best interest to not even mention them to the community to avoid attracting interest. It appears that the game's developers have indeed tested these supposed 'hacks' in order to see if they needed to revise their game code to prevent the hacks, and instead found that these hacks were instead spyware or viruses.

As always, it's best to avoid downloading anything from sources that you do not trust. When you are searching for ways to cheat in Facebook games, there is always a really good chance that whatever you are downloading actually contains spyware or some other form of malicious content. Besides, what fun is there in cheating in a game on Facebook anyway? We don't think your friends would appreciate that much. Keep yourself safe, avoid downloading any hacks or cheats, and enjoy Ravenwood Fair!

Have you ever downloaded a hack for a Facebook game? Why or why not?