North Carolina Selected for Facebook's New $450 Million Data Center

Facebook chose North Carolina for its new $450 million data center, reportsPortfolio.

That makes North Carolina hotter as the growing capital for data centers. It's hot since Apple is already there. Apple might double the size of its current server farm.

Now, given the power of the Facebook brand and the tendency for businesses to act like lemmings, North Carolina could well be the location to put a data center. That will create the jobs associated with starting up and maintaining a data center. Those jobs range from the techies to the operations or administrative kinds. There will also be the multiplier effect. Around the area will spring up or expand businesses dealing with everything from real estate to food. In addition, there are infrastructure issues like roads and schools, which generate even more jobs.

Last week, Facebook began construction on the project in Rutherford County. It will open in about 18 months.