Leasing Business: Beware of Writhing Females in Undies

Leasing, ranging from temporary use of space to computers for a school district, is growing. America is being called the "rental society."

However, if you work in leasing, it's important to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the contract among the parties. Brooklyn Law School, reports the New York Post, learned that in a shocking and all too public way.

Last spring, Brooklyn Law School, as many other institutions searching for additional sources of revenue have done, agreed to lease use of its library. The renter was Diesel. Brooklyn Law School expected that Diesel was going to do a sophisticated photo shoot for an advertisement for jeans. That's not what transpired. Lessons learned by Brooklyn Law School:

  • Never assume
  • Have every aspect of the leasing arrangement clarified in detail in a legally binding contract

The photo shoot focused on writhing females flitting around the library in their undies. There was provocative posing. For example, a man was face down on a desk in the library littered with legal books. A female in pink panties hovered over him. Her pink panties read, "Tonight I am your teacher."

If you are starting up a leasing company, arrange for the services of an attorney whose special area of expertise is contract law. Suppose your company was the middleman for renting out space in a church for a photo shoot and the results were too hot for your client to handle?

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