Happy Pets Psychedelic Pets are so bright you'll have to wear shades


CrowdStar has brought yet another round of Psychedelic Pets to Happy Pets, which first launched way back in March. In that time, however, we've seen tons of new species of pets being added to the game, so it only makes sense that we'd see Psychedelic versions of these new species released to match.

The new series contains 6 new pets, each of which costs Facebook Credits, and is limited edition. Here are the list of available pets, along with their prices:

Psychedelic Iguana - 48 Facebook Credits ($4.80 US)
Psychedelic Triceratops - 58 Facebook Credits ($5.80)
Psychedelic Chicken - 56 Facebook Credits ($5.60)
Psychedelic Butterfly - 38 Facebook Credits ($3.80)
Psychedelic Pegacorn - 68 Facebook Credits ($6.80)
Psychedelic Dragon - 68 Facebook Credits ($6.80)

Depending on the pet that you choose to purchase, they will grow to adulthood within a range of a single day (the Butterfly), all the way up to two weeks (the Iguana, Dragon, and Triceratops). Along with that, the feeding times of these pets also vary, ranging from four hours (Butterfly) to 21 hours (Dragon and Triceratops), so keep those stats in mind when looking to make a purchase.

These pets will only be available until they sell out from the store, but each species is currently available in quantities of at least 800. Still, shop fast if you want a guarantee that you'll be able to purchase the pet type that you want.

Which of these new bright pets will you add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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