Happy Aquarium dives underwater and emerges with fall items

Happy Aquarium Thanksgiving
Happy Aquarium Thanksgiving

Crowdstar has just released a decent sized set of Fall and Thanksgiving themed items in Happy Aquarium, and given you just about everything you could possibly need to turn your tank into a autumn extravaganza. This set includes a few items for coins, but the majority of the new decorations will require you to shell out Facebook Credits or pearls in order to get your fins on them.

For an overall new look, there is a new tank wallpaper available for 40 pearls or 33 Facebook Credits. This wallpaper looks like a big fall tree, and is perfectly complemented by the new Fall Leaves gravel which will cost you an additional 40 pearls. A nice Fall Wreath for 1,000 coins will hang nicely in your tank, and there is also an animated Fall Tree in which the leaves drift to the floor slowly for 26 pearls.

If decoration isn't your thing and you'd prefer to have an animal, there is a new Colorful Scuba Turkey for 36 Pearls. There are only 11,304 available as of this writing but we're sure they'll be around for quite some time.

Lastly, if you like to gamble away your money, there is a Fall Mystery Box which contains common, rare, and exclusive fall items. These will cost you 12 pearls or 10 Facebook Credits each, so expect to spend a lot to get what you're looking for.

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