Go shopping in My Vineyard with player-run stores


My Vineyard has always been on the bleeding edge of innovation, being one of the first games to bring multiplayer as a standard across the game and having some of the best opportunities for creativity available in social games. The winemaking game has now released a brand new feature - the ability to sell items to other players by way of a General Store.

This new General Store is purchasable from the Market for 20 Wine Cash. Once you purchase a store, you can then click on it to begin pricing items in your store as you wish. You can sell items for coins or Wine Cash, and My Vineyard will take a 10% cut (or a minimum of 1 WC or 100 coins). At any time, you can click on the shopping bag icon on the left side of your screen to see a list of stores that you can visit, and you can click on them to go shopping.

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