FrontierVille Sixth Kid Goals: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Babies
FrontierVille Babies

The time has finally come in FrontierVille. You've been through five pregnancies before, so this should be nothing, right? Wrong. This just might be the most difficult in the game to date, and it's purely due to what it requires. Or should we say how much it requires. We'd say that we had some hot tips for you to accomplish this Goal series, but this is truly a battle of wits and determination. Though, we did try making the requirements that require a bit more sleuthing, so to speak, easier to find. So, enjoy all four missions in this series in one spot for your enjoyment reference.


Not Again?!?:

-Get 50 Baby Names (request from friends)
-Have 700 Cloth (Visit lots of friends. Never stop, actually)
-Harvest 250 Cabbage

A Tisket, a Tasket!:
-Have one Basket (collect from the Inn at random)
-Have one Purple Button (collect from the Tailor Shop at random)
-Buy two Seven-Course Meals from the Market

Candy is Dandy!:
-Have one Apricot Candy (collect from harvesting Apricot Trees)
-Have 1,500 Wood (Now, this is just getting ridiculous.)
-Get 40 Baby Clothes (request from friends)

The Blessed Event!:
-Accept Help from 25 Neighbors (We hear begging works sometimes.)
-Have five Cribs inside the Barn (All that Wood should prove useful.)
-Purchase a Loom at the Market (pictured)

Finish all four missions and your sixth and (tentatively) final kid will be brought into the world. We imagine that only the most hardcore of you are this far in the game--believe us, that is OK. Just don't expect any content for some time considering we all have General Stores to expand and new employees to hire. Though, there is a lot of scuttlebutt going around about some Gold Rush being on the way at some point.

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If you've made it this far, what did you think of the new Kid Goals? Was it worth your while? Reflect on time well spent in the comments. Add Comment.