FrontierVille's Gold Rush possibly coming soon with golden items

Gold CarriageGold Hot TubGold OuthouseGold Water Tower
The wait for what once was one of the nation's greatest resources might be over sooner than we think in FrontierVille. Calin of FrontierVille Info has dug up some unreleased items in the nearly ubiquitous Zynga game that suggest the Gold Rush could be here soon. So, how did arrive at this conclusion?

Every single item is golden. The whole lot of 'em. Either this is some sort of sick prank or Zynga has finally completed the first full expansion to FrontierVille. Our guess is the latter, because we hope that the developer wouldn't be so sadistic. Our second guess is that gold will be a new resource similar to Wood and will be required to craft these items in a new building, but again, that's also us hoping.

This is what the comments is for: hopeful speculation. So, what do you think these new items imply? Is this a telltale sign of the Gold Rush? Guess away in the comments. Add Comment.
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