FrontierVille Fifth Kid Goals: Everything you need to know

Tiredyet? If not, then let's have a fifth youngin' in FrontierVille, shall we? This Goal series is, again, more of the same--a lot more. Players will have to harvest thousands of resources for this one, but we want to help with a short guide on what needs to be done how you might want to go about it. With no further delay, here are the missions you'll need to accomplish:

Oh Baby?:
-Get 30 Baby Names (request from friends)
-Have 300 Cloth (visit friends regularly)
-Harvest 100 Cabbage

This is what I would call a primer. Zynga just wants to test your limits here, but that's not to say things don't get any worse. All we can say is to never stop harvesting Cabbage. In fact, if you're growing anything else right now and trying to finish these Goals, your running a fool's errand. This is a war of attrition, so just keep firing away.

Find the rest of your quest for successors after the break.
Monkey barsKids are People Too!:

-Have one Milk Jug (Collectible from Barn)
-Have one Goat's Milk (Harvest Goats)
-Buy three Dinners at the Market

This one is going to take some time considering the results of the Barn Daily Bonus collectibles are random, but while you're at it keep visiting those friends and tending those animals for as much Food as possible to buy those Dinners. Do not stop harvesting, tending and visiting.

Babies Have Needs!:
-Have 1,000 Wood
-Have one Ball of Yarn (Collectible from Cotton)
-Get 20 Baby Clothes (request from friends)

OK, so we lied a bit. You're going to need to harvest more than just Cabbage. Not to mention the Ball of Yarn is a random drop from collecting Cotton. Just remember not to turn in the Collection before completing this Goal. In the meantime, keep chopping down those trees and visiting friends.

The Blessed Event!:
-Accept help from 10 Neighbors
-Have Four Cribs in the Barn
-Buy Monkey Bars from the Market (pictured)

Hopefully visiting all those friends will spur them to return the favor even if merely because they're on the same quest. You should be a master carpenter by now from crafting so many Cribs--we're surprised that you can't make the Monkey Bars yourself. Finish this Goal and the fifth child is yours. Just remember to never stop tending, harvesting or visiting and these goals should be done in no time.

[Source: FrontierVille Info]

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