FrontierVille Fifth Kid Goals: Everything you need to know


Tiredyet? If not, then let's have a fifth youngin' in FrontierVille, shall we? This Goal series is, again, more of the same--a lot more. Players will have to harvest thousands of resources for this one, but we want to help with a short guide on what needs to be done how you might want to go about it. With no further delay, here are the missions you'll need to accomplish:

Oh Baby?:
-Get 30 Baby Names (request from friends)
-Have 300 Cloth (visit friends regularly)
-Harvest 100 Cabbage

This is what I would call a primer. Zynga just wants to test your limits here, but that's not to say things don't get any worse. All we can say is to never stop harvesting Cabbage. In fact, if you're growing anything else right now and trying to finish these Goals, your running a fool's errand. This is a war of attrition, so just keep firing away.

Find the rest of your quest for successors after the break.