FrontierVille Crop Boosts: Everything you need to know

By now, you're probably aware that you can upgrade your General Store in FrontierVille. Through this quest set, you not only upgrade the visual look of your General Store, but you also unlock a series of Boosts that will help you more quickly advance through the game's repetition missions (Harvest X number of crops, Groom X number of animals, etc.).

While Boosts are now available to help you in feeding animals and harvesting trees, meet us behind the break for a full guide concerning the new Crop Boosts available from the store.
These new crop boosts (not to be confused with the previously released Wither Protection and Unwither Crop boosts), are available to purchase from a new menu within the upgraded General Store - simply click on your General Store and click "Buy Boosts" to access this new menu/store.

They will cause any "unready" crop to become instantly ready, and are purchased in sets of five, with one individual boost making one individual plot ready to be harvested.

For reference, the prices of each boost will vary (even among Horseshoes and coins), depending on your level, with four prices being available for the full range of current levels. In the guide below, we will list the cheapest, and the most expensive price of each particular boost, to give you an idea of the range of coins and/or Horseshoes you will have to spend.

Finally, please note that the 5% store discount from the Rithmatic school house lesson will apply to these prices.

Crop Boosts -

  • Clover Ready Boost - 1,050 coins - 8,350 coins
  • Tomato Ready Boost - 3,125 coins - 25,000 coins
  • Pumpkin Ready Boost - 1 Horseshoe - 10 Horseshoes
  • Potato Ready Boost - 3 Horseshoes - 20 Horseshoes
  • Flax Ready Boost - 4 Horseshoes - 28 Horseshoes
  • Corn Ready Boost - 4 Horseshoes - 35 Horseshoes
  • Wheat Ready Boost - 6 Horseshoes - 49 Horseshoes
  • Cabbage Ready Boost - 5 Horseshoes - 40 Horseshoes
  • Peas Ready Boost - 9 Horseshoes - 69 Horseshoes
  • Cotton Ready Boost - 11 Horseshoes - 85 Horseshoes
  • Sunflower Ready Boost - 5 Horseshoes - 42 Horseshoes
  • Eggplant Ready Boost - 2 Horseshoes - 14 Horseshoes

Finally, a Peanut Ready Boost is also available to purchase, but only after you complete all four of Hank's General Store missions. After this point, you will be able to purchase the Boost for between 12 Horseshoes and 98 Horseshoes, depending on your level.

And there you have it - an easy, albeit fairly expensive way to easily complete quests that ask you to harvest a certain amount of a particular crop. Be sure to check back with us in the future, as we bring you guides for the Animal and Tree Boosts in the future.

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Do you think you'll use any of these FrontierVille Crop Boosts, or are they not worth the price? Let us know in the comments!
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