Ghostbusters Needed: Exorcist Shortage Creates Job Opportunities

Exorcism, or commanding evil spirits to flee, is a growth field. Currently, there is a shortage of trained spiritual personnel who can perform this ritual, reports the Daily News.

According the the Roman Catholic Church, which is training priests to perform exorcisms, the forces of the devil might have had the opportunity to take over human beings because spiritual leaders haven't been paying enough attention to this phenomenon. That could have happened because society has become accustomed to perceive and explain odd behavior as having psychological, not spiritual, roots. Signs of being possessed, observes the Catholic Church, could include speaking in a strange language, violent reaction to sacred substances, cutting of skin and biting, or scratching. You might pick up other ones by renting a DVD of the1973 movie 'The Exorcist.'

This shortage in the spiritual ranks might be filled by those in the health care professions who become certified or licensed in exorcisms. This could be an extension of the career paths of psychiatric social workers, nurses, and psychologists.

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