ESPNU College Town Thanksgiving items bring the comforts of home

Harvest Time!
Harvest Time!

Everyone's favorite day to stuff their faces with turkey and watch hours of football is almost here and Playdom wouldn't let ESPNU College Town go hungry. In fact, it's the game that won't the people go hungry with its new Thanksgiving-theme items like the Food Drive. A decoration that costs only 6 Campus Cash, or about $2, the Food Drive will provide your campus with 300 Happiness and 150 XP while doing your university some good.

Other items include the Thanksgiving Feast, which provide 750 Happiness and 375 XP. The Harvest Festival and Fall Football decoration will grant the same rewards and add some much needed fall flavor to your campus grounds. However, each of these three items costs a hefty 15 Campus Cash, or about $4, so it's up to you if keeping the giving spirit alive is worth the dough. Either way, enjoy the festivities in ESPNU your own way. Even if that means playing a boatload of Football Challenges on the big day with some hot cider and turkey by your side. Actually, that sounds like a good idea right now.

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What are your thoughts on the new Thanksgiving items in ESPNU? Which will you be picking up to celebrate Turkey Day? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.