Black Friday: Three Ways to Use Your Computer to Save

present with a red ribbon
present with a red ribbon

Enjoy the festivities this gift-buying season by keeping some green in your wallet. Several websites offer customers new approaches to traditional holiday shopping. Use the computer to hunt down the best-suited presents and save cash. As Black Friday draws near, every little tip on comparison shopping, deals and organization helps and here at Black Friday Insider, we share them as we get them ...

1. Compare prices on unique gifts: We all have those special people in our lives who are truly a mystery when it comes to giving gifts. is an online source of countless ideas. Search for presents by occasion, gender, age, interest and even relationship. The easy-to-use site lets shoppers customize searches to be as specific or broad as desired. The simple layout makes it easy to spot prices and select the best buy that fits both your budget and the recipient's desires.