Best Jellied Cranberry Sauce? We Rank the House Brands

House Brand Score Card - four cranberry sauce brands
House Brand Score Card - four cranberry sauce brands

For most of November, Store Brand Scorecard is grading tried and true Thanksgiving staples to see if the store brand equivalents, oftentimes cheaper than the national brand, deserve a spot on the dinner table this Turkey Day. As a college kid, bringing a budget-friendly box of stuffing, cheap can of jellied cranberry sauce or a pretty affordable pumpkin pie to the feast is the least you can do to show some thanks -- provided what you're bringing actually tastes good.

Last week, Store Brand Scorecard discovered that Walmart's Great Value brand of cornbread stuffing was not only one of the cheapest stuffings you can spend on, but also the best tasting. This week, we put jellied cranberry sauce to the test, comparing Ocean Spray to store brand equivalents from Walmart, Supervalu and Aldi. Read on to see if Walmart won again, and prepare for our pumpkin pie review next week.

All products were purchased in the Chicago-area on Nov. 6. Prices are subject to change.