Restaurant City Indian Buffet Table allows customers to serve themselves


Playfish teased us last week, that a new item would be launching in the Restaurant City today, and that time has come. The new item is the Indian Buffet Table, and it fits right in with the current Bollywood item theme.

What makes this item so special (at least in Playfish's eyes), is the fact that it's available to purchase for coins. This functional item is indeed available for coins, but we doubt the majority of the game's user-base will be able to afford it, as it goes for a whopping 240,000 coins.

The Buffet Table functions as an Arcade Machine or sorts, allowing customers to serve themselves and endless supply of gourmet Indian dishes. It earns 500 coins every four hours, meaning that you could make a nice profit off of the item, if you played the game with enough regularity to always cash out your profits (never fear, you won't lose anything if you go away for a while, you just won't earn anything past the 500 coin cap either).

This Buffet Table will only be available for the next two days, so shop while you can if you want to add it to your restaurant.

Is the Buffet Table worth the high price? We'll leave that up to you - share your thoughts on this item in the comments. Will you buy one?