Mafia Wars San Francisco Meet Up - Come meet the family


Do you live in San Francisco, California, or will you be in the area on December 4? If so, why not check out Zynga's official Mafia Wars - San Francisco Meetup?

The event will take place from 2-5 PM PST at Mighty (119 Utah Street) - you'll know you're in the right place when you see the Mafia Wars Armored Truck.

The event will allow fans of the game to meet members of the Mafia Wars development team, along with meeting other players of the game (and even add them to your mafia, if it still has room). There will be prizes given away, games to play, photo opportunities, free swag to those who attend, and more. Door prizes are also available.

This is a "ticketed" event, in that you must sign up for a ticket so that Zynga knows how many people plan on coming. Signups are free, and the ticket is free - these tickets seem to be just a formality to keep things organized. You must be 21 years old to sign up for, and attend the event, with a valid ID that must be shown at the door (there will be drink tickets passed out to the first 100 through the door).

This seems like the ultimate event for Mafia Wars fans, and if you live anywhere near the area, we'd highly suggest signing up for a ticket. How often do you get to meet the developers of one of your favorite games face to face? This could be the perfect opportunity to share your appreciation for the game with those who made it, or even share some ideas with the team.

If you're planning on attending, head over to the meetup's website to sign up for a ticket.

Will you attend the Mafia Wars - San Francisco Meet Up, or have you attended other Zynga events? We'd love to hear details of your experience - share them here in the comments!