Mafia Wars Rumble in Russia - Everything you need to know

A few days ago, we heard Zynga would soon be launching the Rumble in Russia boss event in Mafia Wars, and the time for that launch has come. Let the rumble begin!

This event is similar to other boss events, in that you'll have a limited amount of time to take down four bosses, earning mastery and special prizes as you defeat each boss.
The Mafia Wars Rumble in Russia will be familiar to veteran Mafia Wars players, as it isn't the first boss-fight event we've seen in the game. This time around, however, we take the fight to Russia, with characters Lenenov, Belikov, Osipov, and Bassinov available to pound on for prizes.

The way that this event works is quite simple. All users will start out on the first star of mastery, tackling boss Dmitri Lenenov. Once you activate the battle with the boss, you'll be on a time limit to defeat them. As you can see from my screen shot below, I'd have 12 hours to defeat Lenenov before the battle resets and I'd have to start all over. The same goes for all bosses, in that battling them will be on an individual time limit for that particular battle.

You can either Attack, Attack X5, or Ask for Help from your mafia family in defeating the boss (friends that help would receive a reward for doing so after the boss is defeated). You can also use any consumables that you may have saved up from your journey through the entire game in order to do instant damage, stun the boss, and so on.

Once you defeat this boss, you'll unlock the second boss. Beat him and you'll unlock the third and so on. Additionally, the very first time you beat each boss, you'll earn the Bronze star of mastery, and you'll receive a reward item. Here are the list of items, in the order that you receive them:

mafia wars russia rumble

Atlas Torso (armor) - 44 Attack and 31 Defense
Crushed Ice (tank) - 96 Attack and 59 Defense
Big Z (gun) - 72 Attack and 108 Defense
Civ-4 Carbine (gun) - 84 Attack and 113 Defense

Finally, if you beat all four bosses two more times (that is, earn the Silver and then Gold mastery stars on all four bosses), you'll receive the ultimate reward, the Ursa Major - a literal Bear that has 60 Attack and 115 Defense stats.

In addition to each battle being timed individually, there is an overall time limit for this event that now sits at 5 days, 18 hours. If you can't complete the event (that is, get to Gold mastery and earn the Ursa Major) in that time, the event will expire, and your chance at these prizes will vanish along with it. Battle fast and battle hard if you want a chance at collecting them all.

Let us know your thoughts on the Rumble in Russia event in Mafia Wars. Have you completed the mission? Are you stuck on a particular boss? Sound off in the comments.
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