FarmVille Sneak Peek: Jack-o-Squirrel & Thanksgiving Topiary


The Thanksgiving celebration in FarmVille is gearing up to be quite the feast (at least visually), if the newest leaked images are anything to go by. This time around, we have a FarmVille Sneak Peek of a cute little Jack-o-Squirrel (a squirrel sticking its head out of pumpkin) and a lovely Thanksgiving Topiary (a wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins and leaves).

These items have not been given an official release date in the game, and in fact, there is no guarantee that they will ever release, so keep that in mind.

If these items do launch in the game, we'd expect them both to be decorative items available in the game's store, since it seems that Zynga is focusing on Mums for the season's free gift selection.

[Via FarmVille Latest]

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Which of these two items are you most looking forward to adding to your farm? Let us know in the comments.