YoVille Fall Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture now available

Zynga has continued to celebrate the fall season in YoVille this week, by releasing items that will go perfectly in any themed Kitchen or Bathroom setting.

Most of the items are available in one of four major colors: Green, Brown (or Sepia), Yellow and Auburn (or Red). In the Kitchen, these items are the China Cabinet, multiple types of Cabinetry, Dining Tables, Islands, Dining Chairs, and Pantries. Meanwhile, in the Bathroom section of the store, you can find the same four colors represented in items like Toilets, Counters, Showers, Bathtubs, Hampers, Bath Mats, and Low Tables.

Other items now available include the major appliances, like a fridge and stove, wall sconces, a lovely leaf window (that makes it look like your home is surrounded by beautiful orange and yellow trees), potted trees, sinks, and even a microwave. As usual, if you'd like to only spend coins on your room's new look, you'll need to mix and match items from the Fall theme with items from other themes, as most of the extravagant items in this theme go for YoCash.

Altogether, these two rooms of items bring the total amount of Fall items to 157. Since this also rounds out the four major rooms that are included in any theme, we're assuming this will be the last release we see. That being the case, now is as good of a time as any to start (or finish) decorating your home for fall, especially in anticipation of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Will you decorate your home for Fall in YoVille, or have you already? Share your decorating ideas with us in the comments!