Treasure Isle Hermit Crab Relic now available to build

It looks to be a big time for builders in Zynga's Treasure Isle, as not only is there a new Stargate-inspired Nexus Relic available to build, but now there's also a Hermit Crab Relic as well.

The Hermit Crab Relic is a water-based item, meaning that you'll have to place your free base into the water. It ends up forming its own little island, so at least you won't have to take up space on your Home Island for it.

Once placed, you'll have to go through three construction phases, each requiring ever-increasing amounts of five different building ingredients: Aqua Vitae, Resin, Paint, Planks, and Shells. As usual, you can post requests for these items on your wall (conveniently, up to five different item requests can be active at a time, if you don't care about the potential spamming on your friends' walls), or you can purchase each item for a single Island Cash.

As you'd expect, once the Hermit Crab Relic is built, you'll receive a permanent +3 boost to your total energy allowance. Combine this with the +3 bonuses you can receive from other Relics, and it will eventually add up to more digging potential for you, which we can't really complain about in the end.

Will you build the new Hermit Crab Relic, or will you store the base for future use? Let us know in the comments!