FishVille's Aqua Hoops Game dropped the ball

FishVille Aqua Hoops
FishVille Aqua Hoops

FishVille's awaited Aqua Hoops game has debuted to all players today, and it's not the exciting game that players were hoping for. Aqua Hoops is basically a replica of FrontierVille's horseshoe toss game, which means that it's a lottery or slot machine concept for players who want to gamble instead of an actual interactive game.

The Aqua Hoops game can be accessed by clicking the sidebar icon on the side of your game. You get one free throw, and once you click you have absolutely no control of the ball that is being tossed towards a hoop. You gain points for missing and getting close, but the grand prize is won by landing the jackpot through getting the ball in the hoop. Of course, because there is no skill whatsoever to this game and players do not get to know the odds of winning, there is a darn good chance you won't win.

Some players are reporting that they have spent over 70 Sand Dollars in an attempt to score the jackpot to no avail. The forums are currently full of posts from players who feel cheated that this 'game' is simply a random chance lottery and the rewards are not good enough to justify the cost of playing. FishVille Community Manager BarryKash stated the following:

Folks, I'm really disappointed to hear that most of you don't like the mini-game. We were hoping to add new things that you would enjoy for the anniversary celebrations. We are trying to ensure that we come up with things that all of you ask for or things that excite you. We would like to have done better with Aqua Hoops. We will look into it & make an earnest effort to make our anniversary fun & rewarding for all.

So far, we definitely agree with players that this game feels like a cheap way to celebrate FishVille's one year anniversary. Players would much prefer some deeper features such as more fish to unlock through Fish Mastery.

What do you think of Aqua Hoops? Do you think this is a basic ploy for money on Zynga's part or a genuinely fun 1-year anniversary game?