BitRhymes launches Penguin World for winter treasure digging

Penguin World
Penguin World

Another day, another new Facebook game has launched to the public. Penguin World is a brand new treasure-seeking game in the veins of Treasure Madness and Treasure Isle, with a winter theme. Our first impression of the game is that it's quite a bit too reminiscent of Treasure Isle to really stand up as a unique and exciting new game. Overall though, it shows promise because it features a popular animal that tends to bring in a wide audience, has a few new components not present in Zynga's Treasure Isle, and looks and plays well.

Penguin World was developed by BitRhymes, the developers behind Wild Paradise (which peaked at a MAU of 340,000) and it appears that they have learned quite a bit about the space. This new title has all the basic components of a good social game, but probably has a huge hill to climb since it is competing head to head with Zynga, Playfish, and all the other developers who have released a digging-style game.