BitRhymes launches Penguin World for winter treasure digging

Penguin World
Another day, another new Facebook game has launched to the public. Penguin World is a brand new treasure-seeking game in the veins of Treasure Madness and Treasure Isle, with a winter theme. Our first impression of the game is that it's quite a bit too reminiscent of Treasure Isle to really stand up as a unique and exciting new game. Overall though, it shows promise because it features a popular animal that tends to bring in a wide audience, has a few new components not present in Zynga's Treasure Isle, and looks and plays well.

Penguin World was developed by BitRhymes, the developers behind Wild Paradise (which peaked at a MAU of 340,000) and it appears that they have learned quite a bit about the space. This new title has all the basic components of a good social game, but probably has a huge hill to climb since it is competing head to head with Zynga, Playfish, and all the other developers who have released a digging-style game.

In Penguin World, you have your home island and it has a shell that contains your specified color. You can decorate this island and do with it as you please. You have a map that looks eerily similar to Treasure Isle's, which allows you to travel to new islands. On islands, you dig up squares and try to find treasure in the form of collections. Once you clear out one map, you move on to the other. You can visit neighbors (referred to as your 'rookery') and collect items from them, so nothing new and exciting there.

Where Penguin World does bring something relatively new to the table is through minigames. There are two minigames available when you interact with islands. You can jump into pools of water (shown above) and play a swimming game in which you dodge mean fish and try to pick up as much gold as you can. There are also enemies on islands, such as a polar bear, and to fight them you have to complete a snowball rolling game that is also present in Club Penguin. It should be noted that Treasure Madness also has small minigames, although they're not disguised as battles.
Overall, Penguin World is cute and whimsical and has a likeable feel to it. It's a higher production quality than Wild Paradise, but doesn't feel quite as polished as Treasure Isle. Time will tell on this game, but we're hoping that BitRhymes find success with their second title.

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