Social City: Historic Downtown Buildings add that 'Old City' charm

Historic Downtown Apartment
Historic Downtown Apartment

While you might have the sprawling metropolis of your dreams in Social City, have you stopped to think about what might have made your city great? Well, Playdom clearly has with four new items in Social City that comprise the Historic Downtown set. These original brick apartments with classic arched windows and wall-crawling vines could a much needed "Old City" to the neighborhood. The Historic Downtown Apartment is open to Level 28 players for 100 thousand coins and provides 400 Population every 24 hours.

While Playdom has announced the other three buildings--Historic Downtown East, West and Corner--it seems that they've to make it into the game. Most likely, this is not a glitch and they're just being rolled out slowly to players. Stay tuned for when the rest of the Historic Downtown set makes it into Social City to add some homey flavor to your town.

Will you be adding the Historic Downtown set to your city? What city do you think these items are inspired by? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.