Mafia Wars Rumble in Russia coming soon, beat down bosses for loot

Rumble in Russia
Rumble in Russia

Have your knuckles healed from the showdown in San Juan yet? Quite frankly, Zynga doesn't care as it'll soon release Rumble in Russia, a brand new boss fight event for Mafia Wars. This time around, there will be four bosses to take down with the help of your friends for new loot. Better yet, friends will have an incentive to help often as the friends who do the most damage to any given boss will get bonus rewards.

Again, players will have to defeat each boss in order and they'll get progressively stronger. Not to mention that each boss will have three levels of mastery and each will reward a Mastery item that will grow stronger as you defeat more difficult versions of each boss. The grand prize for mastering all four bosses? A giant bear. If you thought having a wolf around was cool, try a hulking beast named Ursa Major with 60 Attack and 115 Defense. Now, those are some numbers.

We're unsure as to when this event will make way into the game, but we're going to estimate sometime shortly after the Rendezvous at the Pentagon is through. So, stock up on those beefy items from Italy before this event arrives to make sure you have a fighting chance against that guy (pictured).

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