Happy Island Wizard Week: Collect four LE items to unleash the Dragon

Unleash the Dragon
Unleash the Dragon

The wizard fever has struck Happy Island in excitement for the seventh (but not final) Harry Potter movie to release next week, but CrowdStar decided to tone down the direct references and--gasp--be original. There are five attractions in all that will be available all week until the movie launches, so you have some time to collect them all. And trust us, you might want to.

  • Wizard's Bank ($9.90): Collects all Moneybags with one click, 2,250 coins

  • Wizard's Pranks ($4): Collects 2,250 coins

  • Wizard's Order ($4): Collects 2,250 coins

  • Wizard's Wands ($4): Collects 3,650 coins

  • Wizard's Burrow ($4): Collects 2250 coins

Purchasing the last four items in that list will reward players with the Red Dragon decoration, which will flutter adorably around your island and breathe fire--cute fire, that is. Players can also buy Demented Diamond gems for $1 a piece that will add demented* ghosts to their items, which should ring a bell for just about any Harry Potter fan. And we were so close to complete originality. Oh well, at least it has dragons.

*Hint: It's a reference to the Dementors.

What do you think of the new Wizard's items in Happy Island? How about the rampant Harry Potter references for the past two weeks? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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