Google Still Has 980 Slots to Fill

Google still has 980 openings, both in sales and engineering, says Fortune.

Sure, you missed the 10 percent raises Google just gave, but you haven't missed the wild wonderful future unfolding at Google. The trick, of course, is convincing those doing the screening that you are the kind of human being who can help make the googlized future even better than the googlized present.

Yes, the Google interviewers expect you to be not only a unique breed of protoplasm and worker but to be able to convince them you are. Therefore, be prepared for a quirky set a questions, including more of them focused on what makes you tick in out-of-the-box ways. In addition, you have to persuade the powers that be that you also have the expertise needed to do the job that you could be hired for.

The best way to shift into a Googlized mindset is to read a little background on the company, a lot on the kinds of breakthrough services and products Google has created, and even more on Google's challenges ahead. What competitors are gunning for Google and what niches and what new territory does Google want to penetrate?

On Google's career site, you can check out specifically what's open and where.

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