FrontierVille Fourth Kid Goals: Everything you need to know

Before you even ask, no, these pioneer folk do not know how to stop. Nonetheless, we want to help ease you and your lady (or vise versa) along in preparing for a fourth child in FrontierVille. This next Goal in the series of five adds a little variety to the preparations, so let's get right on to it, shall we?

Take a peek behind the break for a guide on how best to accomplish the joyous and daunting task.

Swing SetWhile a lot of the requirements for these Goals is more of the same, there are some new things that you'll have to buy and collect. Without further adieu, let's get you started:

Oh Baby?:
-Collect 20 Baby Names (request from friends)
-Have 250 Cloth (visit a boat load of friends)
-Harvest 50 Cabbage

OK, we kind of expected the first mission to be more of the same requirements from the two previous births, but 250 Cloth? Well, expect to be stuck on this Goal for quite a while, and keep harvesting that Cabbage while your at it as I'm sure that insanity won't slow down either.

Kids are People Too!:
-Have two Old Books (collect from the General Store Daily Bonus)
-Have two Red Buttons (collect from the Tailor Shop Daily Bonus)
-Buy three Lunches from the Market

That's quite a lot of requirements left up to chance, I'd say. It looks like this mission is going to snag you as well, requiring you to collect four items that drop at random once daily.

Candy is Dandy!:
-Have two Pear Candies (harvest Pear trees)
-Buy two Dinners at the Market
-Have 600 Wood

The 600 Wood will come with determination and Energy, but the best way to get Food is the same as getting Cloth. And I don't want to hear any complaints; it levels up your Reputation anyway.

The Blessed Event!:
-Accept help from five Neighbors
-Have three Cribs in the Barn
-Buy the Swing Set in the Market (pictured)

Getting five Neighbors to help out is going to be the toughest part of this mission if you happen to have flaky friends. Aside from that, the 600 Wood you collected should come in handy for building that third Crib and the Swing Set is as simple as a few clicks. After that, consider yourself a mother or father four times over now. Aren't you tired yet?

[Source: FrontierVille Info]

Have you had your fourth child in FrontierVille yet? Do you have any more room in your homestead for a fourth, fifth or sixth kid? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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