FrontierVille's Expand the General Store! Goals: Everything you need to know

General Store

Still makin' those babies? Well, you're probably going to need a bigger business to support the new litter, so Zynga will soon introduce new "Expand the General Store!" Goals to FrontierVille. And we have the information you need to complete these missions and grow your corner store into the Wal Mart of the Wild West.

Considering these Goals haven't even been released yet, here's a breakdown of the bare bones requirements for each Goal in the series of four behind the break.
HankExpand the General Store:
-Collect 10 Building Plans (request from friends)
-Finish the General Store Upgrade (most likely materials from friends)

Completing this mission will reward players with one Cherry Tree Boost and 100 XP. It will also unlock the next mission:

Meet the New Boss:
-Sell 20 Adult Cows
-Use a Cherry Tree Boost (use the reward from the first Goal)
-Put up 10 Help Wanted Signs (request from friends)

Meeting the new boss will net players a Cherry Candy Collectible, 200 XP and the next Goal:

You're Hired:
-Hire Hank (pictured)

Hank--who looks an awful lot like Owen Wilson--is a new character that will arrive in FrontierVille with this Goal series. Much like Frontier Jack, it seems like he'll be a recurring addition. All you need to need to do is click on Hank on your homestead to hire him and this Goal is over.

A Real Knee Slapper:
-Listen to one of Hank's jokes
-Collect two Upgraded General Store bonuses
-Harvest 20 Sunflowers

This is where things get interesting. It looks like Hank is going to be hanging around the homestead for a while, and clicking on his avatar will cause him to tell a joke. Completing the mission rewards players with, of course, a new friend. But you'll also enjoy the 400 XP and General Store sign decoration--probably not as much as Hank, though.

[Source: FrontierVille Info]

What do you think of the new Goals and our new friend Hank? Is there enough room in FrontierVille cast for another character? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.
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