Federal Employees Earning $150,000 Surged Tenfold Over Five Years

Being a federal employee has not just become a port in the unemployment storm. It can be lucrative. Over the past five years federal employees making $150,000 or more constitute 3.9 pecent of the work force, reports USA Today.

There's more. President Barack Obama is planning to give a pay raise of about 1.4 percent to all federal workers. Right now they number 2.1 million.

All this looks rosy. However, now that the fiscally conservative Republicans are re-gaining power, being a federal worker might not remain so secure, so lucrative, or so likely to receive hefty increments. In addition, hiring by the private sector is picking up. Usually, the earnings and mobility potential are greater in the private sector. Moreover, more and more people are considering starting up businesses, particularly for export.

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