FarmVille Biplane can now instantly grow trees

FarmVille biplane
In tonight's FarmVille update, a new feature was added to your biplane - the ability to instantly grow all of your trees! Previously, the biplane was only for instantly growing all of the crops you planted to maturity, but you can now pay Farm Cash to have your biplane make all of your trees harvestable again. To access this feature, you simply go through the main menu just how you did before, except now you will see the following screen:
FarmVille biplane
You can then check or uncheck Crops or Trees and preview how many Farm Cash it will cost you to use the biplane to instantly grow your crops and trees. This is a pretty handy feature that will definitely be put to good use from time to time!

What do you think of the biplane's new functionality? Do you have a biplane yet?
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