FarmVille New Decorations: Fair Market, UFO Ride, Harvest Table, Pony Ride, & Fair Fence

It's FarmVille update time, and in tonight's update, we see the release of one new building and four new decorative items.

The building is the Fair Market, available for 300,000 coins from the Buildings section of the game's store. If you're willing to make such a large splurge on the item, you'll receive a handsome 3,000 experience points as a reward - not too shabby if you're looking to quickly level up (and potentially unlock new crops).

Meanwhile, the decorative items come in the form of three Country Fair items, and one Thanksgiving theme item - the first we've seen released this year. The Country Fair items are the UFO Ride, the Pony Ride, and the Fair Fence. As you'd expect, an individual piece of Fair Fencing will cost 5,000 coins, while the UFO Ride and Pony Ride cost 20 Farm Cash and 250,000 coins, respectively.

Meet us behind the break for a look at another item that stands apart from the rest.