Engineering Scholarships Among the More Lucrative for Students

microchipIf you've got the brains and dedication to study engineering, but you and your parents don't have the savings account for it, perhaps it's time to start researching engineering scholarships. Whether it's through your university or an outside source, engineering scholarships within all concentrations of the discipline are always available.

The other good news is that engineering scholarships are often the most lucrative of all scholarships awarded to students. And as an added bonus, according to experts in the field, engineering stays relevant, even in the face of a fast-changing technological world.

"Most fields in engineering today will be still in use 40 years from now," Paul Donavin, an engineer, wrote to Money College in an email. "The engineer must stay current in his field. An example would be [that] a steam locomotive engineer could easily move to [working in] power plants. Basic engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and civil will always be in demand."

Here are some links to various engineering scholarships to get you started:
Don't forget: just as careers in engineering are competitive, so are engineering scholarships. This means you certainly have to put your best foot forward in your applications.
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