Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash from Office for Mac promotion


Hey there farmers! If you'd like to get your hands on some free FarmVille Farm Cash, make sure to check out the new Office for Mac 2011 promotion at the bottom of the FarmVille gameplay area.

Presumably, this offer is only available to those users who access FarmVille on a Mac, as we couldn't seem to find the promotion on any Windows PCs (Update: apparently, this can be found on Windows as well, but we've yet to see it personally). Therefore, if you own a Mac or know someone who does, keep reading to find out how you can score two free Farm Cash!

The promotion is quite simple - click on the link right below the FarmVille game screen and a new window will load, playing a commercial for Office for Mac 2011. You'll need to answer four simple survey questions, mostly dealing with how you come up with ideas, what you do with those grand thoughts once you have them. These questions can be answered in any way you'd like, and once you complete the survey, you'll receive your two free Farm Cash.

Simply refresh the game, and voila - you'll be two Farm Cash richer!

If you've managed to find this promotion on a Windows PC, let us know! For those Mac users out there, will you take part in this cross-promotion for two free Farm Cash? Let us know in the comments.