Crime City on Facebook: Grand Theft Auto for the click gaming set


The latest growing addiction on Facebook is yet another mafia game -- a true testament to the staying power of simulated thug life. Crime City from developer Funzio takes the popular the mafia genre and gives it a full graphical overhaul. Where games like Mafia Wars are strictly text-based role-playing games, Crime City allows you to actually guide your low-level thug around town, beating down enemies to rise through the criminal ranks. If you've been waiting for a Grand Theft Auto-style game for Facebook, this is as close as we've seen yet.

Crime City forces gamers to be social, somewhat overbearingly, as players build up their personal neighborhoods, ransack "rival hoods," and plunder city streets inspired by New York and other metropolitan areas. While the game doesn't require much thought and strategy, Crime City's 4.7 million monthly average users is a testament to its addictive powers.